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Are you compiling that to-do list while getting ready to move, yet you don’t seem to find the time for move-out cleaning? Or have you just arrived in the Spokane area and your future residence did not meet your expectations, for which reason you need move-in cleaning services asap? Are you the owner or real estate agent in charge of a property, saying goodbye to departing tenants and getting ready for new ones to arrive soon? Our team of professional cleaners will gladly and quickly assist you with any type of move in cleaning or move out cleaning in Spokane, as well as in the surrounding communities, such as Post Falls, Coeur d’Alene, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Fairwood, Colbert, and Glenrose. Give us a call today at (509) 610-0799 and tell us what you need. The Spokane Services move-in and move-out cleaning team is your friend who will help you concentrate on the most important things for you while we do our magic.

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Planning to move out or need a move in live clean today?

When planning your moving, you may manage to create a checklist, yet when the day comes, you just do not seem to find any time at all to go through it, clean the house and everything gets so hectic. Having moved-in and finding a dirty place may be very frustrating too. We’ve witnessed both and more, and we’re the move in / move out cleaning company to help you keep your calm, concentrate on things that matter the most, and make sure you do not forget or lose anything.


Tenants’ best friend

Moving to a new home is both exciting and burdensome. Finding dirt and grime in your new place or forgetting something precious in the one you are leaving behind can ruin the moment, and we are here to help with our move-in and move-out cleaning services for tenants.


Landlords’ reliable partner

Managing estates is a demanding task. Making sure that each rental unit is spotless for new tenants adds to what you already have on your plate. Spokane Services residential cleaning for move in and move out will take care of any type of property for you, consistently delivering immaculate results.


Cost-effective expert

When moving, budgeting and scheduling are among the most important things to consider. Spokane Services move in/ move out cleaning company provides affordable services, while the estimate is made based on a checklist of tasks that need to be done. We will do the cleaning at the estimated price and in due time, no deviations.


Problem solver

While you are busy with chores that need to be done for your move, our team will do the move in / move out cleaning in the background. We will get things done fast and efficient, things that might have taken you days. Thus, we help you free your time and focus on your priorities.


Helpful neighbor

As a local company, we are your friendly neighbor! Our move in cleaning and move out cleaning services are available in the Spokane area and in the surrounding communities, which makes us available for a live clean today, subject to the availability of our maid team.


Trustworthy associate

Each member of our team is background checked and is equally trustworthy. Shall we find anything left behind by previous tenants, stay assured that we will take the appropriate measures to return it, regardless of its value. Spokane Services is a licensed, bonded, and insured partner you can trust!

Given the specificity of our business, our partners come and go. For cost efficiency we’ve purchased a residence where we can host them. As real estate management and maintenance are not our field, it was quite challenging from the start to find someone who we would trust with residential cleaning and who would keep the place at ready, who’d do the job well and in due time. Luckily we’ve met Alex, we’ve negotiated a contract with more than satisfying conditions, and now these guys are in charge. We just tell them the upcoming changes, and they take care of our guests. Spokane Services have become the ace up our sleeve, and we trust them 100%. Highly recommended.
Georgina S.

Take the time to enjoy your moving

Hiring a professional specialized move in cleaning and move out cleaning company like Spokane Services, removes a heavy time-consuming task from your list. Just give us a call at  (509) 610-0799, get your estimate, and enjoy a smoother move!