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The horde of tasks we all have nowadays comes with a nagging pressure, and oftentimes it seems like there is no escape from feeling constantly overwhelmed. If only there were more than 24 hours in a day, right? House cleaning services companies, just like the Spokane Services maid team, are here to help you clean up that to-do list of yours by dusting, brushing, mopping, vacuuming, scrubbing, and taking care of all the small details to make your home look tidy. Getting help to clean your house is not a guilty pleasure. It is an investment in your own well-being as you get to spend more time as you wish, day by day, week by week, in a clean environment. Call us now at (509) 610-0799 and make the first step to having your home brighter and your schedule lighter!

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Why choose Spokane Services maids house cleaning?

From the moment you get to meet us for the first time to the second when we remove the last specks of dust in your apartment, our goal is perfection. Our team of maids is friendly yet very professional and efficient, and will deliver a wonderful job within the promised time frame. Need more reasons?


Outstanding cleaning services

Spokane Services maid residential cleaning has a proven track record of sparkling and impeccable cleaning. Every piece of furniture, mirror, window, countertop, floor, and all other accessible surfaces will show an immaculate cleanness.


Safe and healthy sanitizing

For all homes, especially those with children, pets, or any other special requirements, we use only safe cleaning products. Most of the cleaners we use are eco-friendly and 100% non-toxic, yet if you have any concerns or questions, our maids’ team will gladly discuss all your needs.


Credible and reliable team

We understand that it may be a lot easier for you not to worry about your most precious place on earth – your home, and to trust people who you are familiar with. Moreover, we are licensed, bonded, and insured professionals.


Local housekeeping company

We are your next door maid cleaning services company. This makes us more flexible shall you require a last-minute reschedule or a live clean today, subject to our maids’ availability at the moment of your request. 


Personalized approach

There are no two households that would be the same. Each person, family, house, and design have individual features. Our team of maids is ready to take on the challenge of meeting your particular requirements while maintaining the high quality of our house cleaning services.


Affordable high-end service

Our prices are down to earth, yet the maid services are performed with the utmost professionalism. We offer you a free estimate with no hidden costs. Our maids will come on time and fulfill their duties with perfection, not later than promised.

Sadly, nowadays it is natural to crave some free time for yourself, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to combine duties with pleasures. I’ve listened to some of my neighbors’ reviews about various cleaning companies and decided to try Spokane Services. I am happy I did. Their team takes care of the house, keeping it clean, while I finally get to do what I love. Here is what I will tell you. Everybody can notice how much happier I am, and even at work, I am much more productive. Most importantly - I smile, and this is what I thank Spokane Services for!
Betty A.

Take your moment off from the havoc using maid services!

Sit back and unwind, relax after a hard day of work, concentrate on yourself or spend time with other people you love so much! Give us a call and we will be glad to assist you with house cleaning services Spokane.