About Us

Assuring the highest customer satisfaction and providing outstanding cleaning service in Spokane, WA, for over a year

I am Alex, the founder of Spokane Services LLC. I started Spokane Services LLC in 2022. We are now a family-type business, and we have expanded our company in a way that would keep our customers’ trust in our honesty and in the quality of our work. Every house, office, store, school, or other property has its own story and heartbeat. Our mission is to keep it strong, treat each as our own, and provide the best quality cleaning services, all while improving the professionalism of our staff, and caring about the environment. We want our customers to be happy, and we are ready to go above and beyond to actualize that mission.

Alex Terzi

Founder and CEO Spokane Services LLC

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Why Choose Us

Of course, there are many other cleaning companies in Spokane, WA, for various projects. Yet there are a series of traits that set us apart and would serve as solid reasons to choose our cleaning company in Spokane over competitors.


Local Company

We are a local company employing honest people in our community. By hiring us, you get excellent cleaning services and help the community thrive.


Affordable Prices

We are aware of all the local challenges, and we understand you. We will help set up a cleaning plan that is both affordable and cost-effective.


Shining Stability

Over the years, we’ve elaborated a specialized checklist for a spotless gloss that will be achieved regardless of the number of our team members who clean your property.


Hardworking Team

Each of our team members treats any location and property as if it would be their own, and work hard to make sure the result satisfies both the requirements and desires.


Consistent Development

Each one of us continuously learns about the various materials and types of surfaces we deal with on a daily basis when cleaning our clients’ properties to maintain their appearance.


Abreast the Industry Trends

We learn about innovations on the market and about cleaners, all to make your home look its best while taking care of your health and of the environment.

Choose secure and immaculate cleaning!

We guarantee you 100% satisfaction. Tell us what you need and sit back and relax, while we will do the magic in the background!