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We know how important it is for the mind and soul to have a clean house and office. A neat home helps you breathe easily, while a tidy workstation aids you in impressing your business partners and concentrating on the things that matter the most. We also know how difficult it can be to find someone you can trust with the job. With this idea in mind, we started our company, and today we pride ourselves on a proven track record of impeccable results on a daily basis for over a year! Here are some of our major works, and the feedback from our loyal partners.

Keeping a house clean and organized used to be a full-time job decades ago. Today having a career, a family, and taking care of a house is almost impossible, and it’s ok. I feel blessed that I found Spokane Services years ago, as I am convinced that I can fully trust them every time, no matter who of their team members come to do the job. Their effort helps me find my personal peace of mind, concentrate on my clients, and be a successful woman!
Karen G.
Man lying on the floor with his son on his back smiling

Private kindergarten cleaning

Assuring a safe clean environment for your children

There is nothing that could be more important than children and their safety. Cleaning and sanitizing an area where kids spend a lot of time is a responsibility that we are ready to take on. 

"Kids spend a lot of their time on the floor. They also touch everything and many put their fingers in their mouths. Therefore it is our sacrosanct mission to not only keep everything clean and sanitized but also assure that the cleaning products are safe. Spokane Services is our savior."
Angela S.
Private kindergarten Head Secretary
Smiling cleaning services worker in yellow rubber gloves holding a spray glass cleaner

Commercial store cleaning

Keeping staff and visitors protected at any time

Crowded stores call for an increased focus on disinfection, especially when it comes to high-touch surfaces like the counter.

"A store like ours is dealing with a continuous flow of customers on a daily basis which eventually is a good thing. We have an in-house janitor who assures the basic cleaning around the store especially on them rainy days, yet a professional cleaning is a must to keep visitors and staff happy. Spokane Services team has not one time let us down. Great partner to work with!"
Jonathan Y.
Commercial store owner
Smiling cleaning services team with cleaning tools posing for a group photo in the office

Real estate agency

Ensuring immaculate cleanliness to fascinate each viewer

There are plenty of reasons why it is worthy for real estate agencies to hire cleaning companies. Finding a good one proves to be many an agent’s headache.

“When a potential client visits a property, not only do they consider the costs and whether they like it or not. They also estimate the time and effort they would need to transform the place into their home. We can say that a part of our success is the Cleaning Services team’s success. And that should tell you a lot.”
Anthony P
Real estate agent

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